Certificate IV in Building and Construction

3 Vital Questions You Should Ask Before Applying for
Your Builders Licence

Congratulations on wishing to apply for your Builders Licence. Australia needs more qualified builders and one of the first steps to getting your builders qualification is through education and training.

Here are 3 important questions that you need to answer about builders courses and licenses. The building and construction industry has several courses that will help you to achieve your builders licence, and the key to choosing the correct course for your future as a builder is contained within these questions:

1. Where will you be building?

The first thing that needs to be established is: What state will you operate in? Different states and territories have different rules, guidelines and building licence requirements.

In the main, there are two courses which will assist you to become a fully qualified builder in just about any state. Those courses are:

  1. Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
  2. Diploma of Building and Construction

2. What type of Building Work will you do?

This is also an important question to answer because in some states there are different classes of builder licence and building courses that you will need to obtain your licence. And then there may be further construction industry courses you will need to complete to maintain your builders licence.

For example, to obtain and maintain a Builders Licence in Queensland there are 4 categories:

  1. Builder Low Rise
  2. Builder Medium Rise
  3. Builder Open
  4. Builder Project Management Services

Then there are 5 Builder Restricted Licences:

  1. Builder Restricted to Kitchen Bathroom and Laundry
  2. Builder Restricted to Shopfitting
  3. Builder Restricted to Structural Landscaping
  4. Builder Restricted to Swimming Pool Construction
  5. Builder Restricted to Special Structures

As you can see you need to know what type of building work you will be doing, then you can decide what qualifications are necessary to support the specific type of building licence you need.

3. What else do you need apart from doing a building course?

There are other requirements you need to fill to obtain your builders licence. Again it depends on which state or territory you plan to build in.

For example, to obtain a builders licence in NSW you will need:

It's important to work through the above questions to save time, money and hassles later.

If you need help working out which courses you need then please contact us at Back to Basics - we'd be delighted to help you. Builders Courses, brought to you by Back to Basics is all about making sure you do the right courses to get the right qualifications in the building and construction industry. It's a fast and easy service with a professional team dedicated to helping you achieve your Builders Licence.